Are all pitching impotent? Truth and myths.

Are you impotent or not? Probably every person has heard jokes where such words as “jock and impotence ..” There is no smoke without fire and jokes do not appear out of the blue either. However, not everything is so simple. In this article we will understand the question of the influence of “iron” sports on male potency.

Jocks of impotent? Truth & Myths

Classic Bodybuilding

“Iron sport”, which includes only strength training and proper nutrition can not lead to impotence. In this case, you can become impotent only if you try to press the bar with your manhood. (by the way, there were such “records”).

Most often, ordinary strength loads lead to an increase in testosterone and growth hormone levels; elimination of depression; improvement of blood supply, including in the area of ​​male organs.

Such an influence of sports can only lead to an increase in potency and libido in general. “Natural jock” cannot become impotent due to sports.


Professional bodybuilding without steroids like Winnie the Pooh without honey. Unfortunately this is the case. If you are a bodybuilder and want to compete in competitions, then you will have to use doping in order not to look faded against the background of other athletes.

Excessive use of steroids can lead to impotence, oncology, diseases of the central nervous system, and much more. However, history knows cases when, for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger took steroids “as if not into himself” from the age of 15 and “spoiled” half of the women in America. You can write a separate book about his love affairs. True, Arnie is rather an exception to the rule, most often, excessive use of steroids leads to health problems. Therefore, experienced bodybuilders take pharmacology under the supervision of a whole group of doctors.

I can understand people who use pharmacology in professional sports or as prescribed by a doctor (this happens when, for example, a young man has low testosterone). But when these things are consumed by “children” who just want to quickly achieve results in the rocking chair … … it scares

The conclusion is the following: it is far from the fact that all pharmacology leads to impotence, but in any case it must be applied only under the supervision of a sports medicine doctor.

качки импотенты

Inferiority complex

I was very surprised when I learned that many modern bodybuilding stars, these“ testosterone stores ”, have strong complexes since childhood. For example, Phil Heath was offended in childhood because of being overweight, and Franco Colombo has been feeling complex all his life because of his low, by the standards of bodybuilding, height of 166 cm.There are many examples, but it is believed that problems with potency in men due to nerves occur much more often than because of steroids or physical dysfunction.

So, according to research by specialists from the American University of Massachusetts, bodybuilders are the most depressed athletes, which ultimately leads to problems with “men’s health”. These guys are so critical of themselves that they are able to bring themselves to a nervous breakdown.

The conclusion from all of the above is obvious: the biggest health problems are due to nerves, be calm!))

As you can see, not all trainers are impotent. According to statistics, the cases of impotence among athletes are much less than among those who like to lie on the couch. Draw your own conclusions.

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