Colorado experiment: American gained 28 kg. muscles in 28 days

The Colorado experiment is the most mysterious event in the world of bodybuilding, because even today it is not clear how you can gain one kilogram of muscle per day.

Don’t be alarmed, in the title of the article there is no deception, and I am not trying to mislead you. This story took place in the early 1970s, and there is still a lot of controversy around it, but it seems to be true.

Colorado Experiment

Колорадский эксперимент

In 1973, sports physician Arthur Jones empirically proved that intense training is more effective than training with heavy weights. It has also been proven that when preparing for bets, special articles, on the Parimatch blog, are great help. His experiment produced the effect of a “bombshell” and went down in sports history as the “Colorado experiment”. By the way, probably each of us at least once in his life used the invention of Arthur Jones – the Nautilus simulator, which has become firmly associated with high-intensity training.

The bodybuilder and holder of the title “Mr. America 1971” became Dr. Jones’s “guinea pig” ”Casey Viator. In early 1973, Viator was injured at work – he lost a finger. The bodybuilder was taken to the hospital, given first aid and given a tetanus vaccine, to which Casey developed a severe allergy. As a result, the recovery in the hospital was greatly delayed and the bodybuilder lost weight from 91 kg. up to 76 kg. Casey wanted to get in shape faster and get back into sports, so he agreed to Arthur Jones’ experiment.

Colorado State University of the United States was chosen as the site for the experiment. The dates were set from May 01 to May 29, 1973. Only the Nautilus simulator was used for training. So Dr. Jones wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness of his invention.

During the experiment, Arthur Jones wanted to prove that muscle growth depends on two factors: intense training and the use of negative reps in them, as the most intense load on the muscle. Also, during the experiment, “experimental” Viator did not use pharmacology and did not follow a special diet , but simply a balanced diet.

Not only Casey Viator participated in the experiment, but also Dr. Arthur himself Jones. Thus, both an athlete and an ordinary person participated in the study.

Training and Results

Jones and Viator trained three times a week. Each workout consisted of 10 to 12 exercises. Supersets with minimal rest were used, and in the approaches most often they worked “to failure”. Also, some exercises were done only in the negative phase and, according to Jones, this approach contributed to a deeper load on the muscles.

Experiment Results:

Casey Viator increased body weight by 20.6 kg in 28 days, lost 8 kg of fat, and muscle mass increased by 28.6 kg.

Arthur Jones in 22 days became weigh 6.1 kg more, lost 0.8 kg in body fat and increased muscle mass by 7 kg.

колорадский эксперимент

The results are impressive in both cases. Modern scientists believe that Casey Viator simply regained his athletic form. In his case, “muscle memory” played a role. However, even taking into account this nuance, it is difficult to believe in such a result without pharmacology.

This fact leads many people to doubt: some do not believe in the results of the experiment, while others believe that it has not been done without “pharma”.

I myself “dabble” in high-intensity workouts and consider them the most effective, but it’s impossible to gain so much muscle mass “naturally” in 28 days, training three times a week. However, Arthur Jones and Casey Vitor assured the public that they did not use any pharmaceutical drugs to increase the rates.

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