Dancing helps you lose weight

There are many effective ways to lose weight are known: diets, sports activities, and even long-term hunger strikes. Obese people are ready to try the most radical measures for a slender figure. But why exhaust your body? Why walk the path of self-denial? After all, you can lose weight while having fun. Dancing is an original technique with which you can achieve amazing results.

Tango, waltz and more

Experts have long proved that dance exercises help not only to correct the figure, but also to noticeably lose weight. The main thing is to choose the right direction of choreography that will help you. For example, a long-term passion for flamenco makes the hip line graceful, and tango perfectly slims the waist area. Those who want to have a beautiful shape of their legs should take up Irish dancing.
Let’s dwell on the most popular choreography directions.

Oriental dance

Everything that concerns the East is covered with a special mystery. The choreography of this region of the planet is distinguished by special plasticity and magic of movements. But in addition to aesthetic qualities, oriental dances help to normalize metabolic processes in the body and lose weight. By doing this on a regular basis, you will strengthen your muscles and tighten your stomach. And one more important nuance – oriental dances have a positive effect on the female sex sphere. While dancing, you easily lose 450 kcal every hour.


This is a temperamental dance that has a lot of advantages: it puts in order the muscular system of the back and legs, and also improves the functioning of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system. As a result, you get three bonuses in one dance: a slim figure, a healthy body and the ability to dance. Every hour, doing this type of choreography, you will consistently lose 650 kilocalories.

Modern Jazz

Another modern direction of dance art, which appeared relatively recently. Modern jazz is a kind of synthesis of break, step, hip-hop and ERNB. Awesome cocktail, isn’t it? Indeed, the dance moves are very energetic and require good preparation and good health from the performer. At a high rhythm speed, you can lose unnecessary pounds in record time: as much as 1000 kcal.

Strip plastic

Dancers with certain experience are capable of doing this type. Strip – plastic is considered the highest aerobatics of skill in choreography. But, if you have skills in acrobatics and you have not forgotten how to do stretching, you can try your hand. During the workout, you will tighten your gluteal muscles and abs, and gain an even posture. An hour of active exercise eliminates 1200 kcal.


The energetic rhythms of this dance conquered countries and continents at the end of the last century. Zumba strengthens all muscle groups and helps the heart function normally. And also this fiery dance always gives a good mood.

You can dance anywhere: in the fitness center, choreographic studio, pool and at home. If possible, you can contact the trainer to develop an individual program especially for you.

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