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Fitness bracelets and other workout gadgets. Honest review

Gadgets have long been an integral part of our lives. Modern people can go out without pants, but they will definitely not forget their smartphone. In sports, gadgets have also firmly established their position. It’s hard to imagine a modern gym visitor without a fitness bracelet or a simple pedometer.

In this article, I would like to tell you about some gadgets that can make your workout more effective, as well as share my personal experience.

Fitness bracelet


Honestly – this is the most popular workout gadget in the world. For example, in the first 8 days of sales, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet was bought by 1 million people. After that, Xiaomi sent 5,000 copies of the device for sale every day and there was still a shortage. More than 100 million units have been sold to date.

There are a lot of fitness bracelets on the market. On the same Aliexpress, you can find a full-fledged fitness bracelet for only 300 rubles. However, you should not “throw” on such gadgets. I had such a “deshman” and I can tell you with confidence that they measure, to put it mildly, not exactly. For example, while sleeping, he measured 5000 steps. I was worried about such numbers, but my family said that I could not go that far))

In general, you understand me – this “garbage” is not worth buying. Better to order gadgets from Xiaomi, Honor or Samsung on that “Aliha”. Yes, they will be more expensive, but they are worth it. They all measure parameters such as heart rate, calories burned, steps, sleep quality, and exercise efficiency. I would like to dwell on the last point in more detail.


At the moment, I have a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and it has wonderful training modes that measure the effectiveness of activities such as: running, jogging on a treadmill, strength training, exercise bike, walking and swimming.

For example, you decided to swim, chose the appropriate mode on the bracelet, practiced, and then the bracelet will tell you: when did you “freeze”, when you trained like a Chinese monk. This is convenient because you can compare your workouts and track your progress.

A modern and functional fitness bracelet can be bought for 1200 rubles on Aliexpress. However, I advise you not to rush. Xiaomi Mi band 5 is coming soon, where there will be contactless payment. However, if this does not interest you, then feel free to take bracelets from Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi or Sony.

Smart scales

I’ve always looked specifically at this gadget and always categorized it things “which I would never buy for myself.” However, recently this “funny” appeared at my friend’s and now I want the same.

It turns out that this thing can calculate the volume of fat and muscle masses, determine the volume of fluid in the body, analyze metabolism, and of course it also measures weight)). In order for the scales to accurately calculate all the above parameters, you need to steam up a little and “drive” all your data into a special application: weight, height, forearm girth, etc.

My friend has scales from Huawei and he gave them for them 2500 rubles. You can find it cheaper, but “dancing with a tambourine” will be waiting for you there. Here, as with a fitness bracelet, it is better to take a “firm”.

Smartphone Apps


If you do not want to spend money on gadgets, then you can look for health benefits in the app stores for IOS or Android, it all depends on what kind of smartphone you have.

In the store you can find tons of apps with workouts, diets, calorie counters, steps, heart rate, etc. There are many sports applications, but I especially want to highlight “ Water Balance “. There is nothing supernatural in it, it just reminds when and how much water to drink. For me, this application is very relevant, because I always forget about water.

True wireless headphones


This is the most useful workout gadget in my opinion. Anyone who has ever trained in wired headphones knows that this is wildly inconvenient. Most often, we listen to music through the phone and often a broken screen on the phone appears after an effective workout.

Wireless headphones are different. I connected them to the phone, turned on Mouzon and train ahead. Nothing gets in the way, there are no those damned wires, and if the headphones are still waterproof, then it’s not scary to get into the rain. In general, there are some pluses. I recommend this gadget to everyone.

Gadgets for every fan

Well, now let’s talk about gadgets that are, so to speak,“ for everybody ”. I’ll be brief:

Heart rate sensor – worn on the chest, designed for very accurate heart rate measurement;

Training mask – this piece is worn on the face and limits the supply of oxygen. Used to increase the athlete’s endurance;

Smart bottle – a water bottle that reminds you when to drink;

Smart sneakers – shoes with sensors that control running technique and detect errors;

Smart jump rope – ordinary jump rope that counts the number of jumps.

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