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Hadi Chupan: unique bodybuilder from Iran

Hadi Chupan burst into the world of big bodybuilding like an “elephant in a china shop” and showed that there are serious athletes in Iran too. At his first tournament “Mr. Olympia 2019”, Hadi Chupan immediately took third place and received the title of national champion. However, his main rivals were not at all on the platform, but in the US visa consulates … ..

Hadi Chupan – bodybuilder from Iran

Хади Чупан

Hadi is a professional bodybuilder originally from Iran, who weighs only 93 kg and is 169 cm tall. He has forms that athletes weighing over a hundred square meters can envy. Chupan, like Ronnie Coleman, is an adherent of the “old school” – he works with large weights, in basic exercises. This method gives the result “here and now”, but it is quite dangerous to health ( it is worth remembering what happened to Ronnie Coleman ). When I found out what weights Chupan works with, I thought that we are talking about a powerlifter, and not about a “little” bodybuilder from Iran. If you also live in Iran and are interested in sports, then on this site https://uob.ac.tz/ you can find out the predictions for the current football matches.

Just look at these numbers: front squat – 260 kg; Classic squat – 300 kg.; lunges with a barbell on the shoulders 180 kg. PPC, many people cannot sit down that much, but he walks around the hall with such a weight on his shoulders.

“Monster without a visa”

In 2016, in Moscow hosted an amateur Olympia, where Hadi easily won. As a result, I got a pro card and qualification for Olympia – 2017. After the victory in Moscow, Chupan went to his native Iran and did not leave the hall for a whole year, bringing the uniform for Olympia. And whala – Chupan was not given a visa to the United States. Just in 2017, the state authorities are tightening their migration policy towards Iran. Apparently the American visa service associated the bodybuilder Hadi with a bandit.

Хади Чупан

It’s a shame, annoying, but okay, well, no luck – it happens. Further, in 2017 at the Grand Prix of Asia, with a clear advantage, Hadi gets only second place, losing to Flex Lewis. You can compare the photos of these athletes and understand that Hadi was head and shoulders above Flex and it was not in vain that the audience wanted to make a “judge”.

After that, Chupan had to go to the bodybuilding championship in Kuwait to qualify for Olympia, but there are problems with the visa. In general, Chupan does not get into the competition and does not qualify for Olympia.

“Persian Wolf” at Olympia

2018 was a very successful year for Hadi. Well, first of all, they gave him a cool nickname: “The Persian Wolf”. Secondly, he took 1st place in the category up to 96 kg. on

IFBB Portugal Pro 2018 and thus got the opportunity to compete at Olympia 2019. The second time Hadi receives a visa and goes to the USA)))

This year I watched live broadcasts from Olympia, including a press conference where bodybuilders take a welcome speech. Everyone told the same about themselves, well, like: “I went to this for a long time and now I’m here. I’ll tear them all up ”and blah blah blah. However, Hadi Chupan’s speech moved everyone. He spoke for about half an hour, through an interpreter. The main idea of ​​his speech was that the main sport for him and he does not even plan to win, but just wants to try his hand next to the top athletes in the world. He also modestly asked the US visa services to give him the opportunity to perform at future Olympias.

Despite her huge size, Khadi competes in the category “up to 96 kg.” But, at Olympia 2019, he chose the “absolute” category for himself and competed with the heavier guys. However, thanks to excellent posing and perfect form, he received the third place and the title of national champion. For an Olympia debut, this is an amazing result. The same Phil Heath at his first Olympia in 2008 was also third.

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