Арнольд Шварценеггер и Френк Зейн

How did Schwarzenegger deceive everyone at the 1980 Olympia?

Probably Schwarzenegger never thought that this story would “pop up” again, but the Internet knows everything))

As the famous Chinese philosopher Jiao Bin said: “ You cannot sit on the throne with anything other than priests ”. In other words, you cannot achieve incredible success without ever getting dirty. We all love the “iron Arnie”, but you have to be very naive to believe that he became a legend and did not deceive anyone at the same time.

In this article I will tell you about the latest “Olympia” by Schwarzenegger, which took place in 1980, where he became the first to cheat a little.

Schwarzenegger left

Арнольд Шварценеггер на Олимпии 1975 г.

So, in 1975, after another victory at the prestigious Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition, Arnold announced that he was leaving bodybuilding and was going to come to grips with a film career. Let’s face it, Schwarzenegger’s rivals “breathed a sigh of relief” as the main champion left, who left everyone behind from 1970 to 1975.

After Arnold’s departure, in 1976, his friend Franco Colombo became the champion of “Olympia”. And since 1977, Frank Zane begins to dominate, who never possessed monstrous forms, but amazed judges and spectators with incredible body aesthetics. And now the year 1980 comes, nothing portends “troubles”, everyone predicts another victory for Zane, when suddenly ….

Schwarzenegger came

Арнольд Шварценеггер и Майк Ментцер

A few weeks before Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger announces that he is going to take part in the tournament and regain the title of champion. Let’s just say that for Arnold’s opponents it was a “blow below the belt”. Judge for yourself: everyone was preparing to fight the small and aesthetic Zane, when suddenly a huge Schwarzenegger appears on the horizon. A few weeks before Olympia, the participants would not have had time to gain muscle mass and Arnold knew this, therefore he announced his participation in the tournament at the last moment.

At the tournament itself, Schwarzenegger acted so brazenly that bodybuilder Mike Mentzer carved his face. Backstage at the tournament, Arnold told Mike that he was a terrible athlete and that his training system was made for the same dumb. Mentzer, being a hot-tempered guy, rushed at Arnie with his fists, but they were separated in time.

Why did Schwarzenegger put on this show? Everyone who is involved in “iron sports” knows that mood is important before entering the platform, and scandals behind the scenes definitely do not contribute to it. Arnold knew about Mike’s hot temper, so he pissed him off, thereby knocking down his fighting spirit. Looking ahead, I will say that Schwarzenegger’s plan worked and Mike Mentzer took only 5th place at that Olympia.

Sly Arnie

Schwarzenegger got rid of one opponent, leaving the main favorite of the tournament – Frank Zane. It was impossible to bring Zane to the scandal, in bodybuilding circles he is known as a level-headed and very calm person. Therefore, Arnold had to act differently.

While posing, Schwarzenegger said something to Zane and he started laughing, losing concentration. At this moment, the moment Arnold began to demonstrate his “signature poses”. As a result, the judges awarded Arnold Schwarzenegger another title “Mr. Olympia”, and Frank Zane became only the third.

It is fair to say that Arnold has always used such “dirty” psychological techniques against his opponents. He did this in business, in movies, and in politics. As a result, who is Arnold Schwarzenegger the whole world knows!

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