How to calculate body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage?

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)? How to calculate it and body fat percentage? Should we trust this data? – you will know the answers to all these questions right now.

What is body mass index (BMI)?

индекс массы тела ИМТ

So, BMI is some kind of value that helps to determine the approximate correspondence of a person’s height and weight. In other words, this index helps us know if we are overweight or not and everything is in order. Most often, BMI is used in medicine, for example, by anesthesiologists, to correctly calculate the dose of anesthesia.

How to calculate body mass index (BMI)?

In 1869, a Belgian sociologist Adolphe Quetelet derived the following formula for calculating BMI:

BMI = body weight divided by height squared.

For example, a person weighs 80 kg, and height 175 cm. Therefore, we consider BMI as follows:

BMI = 80: (1.75 X 1.75) = 26.14 – the body mass index of our hypothetical “experimental”.

Explanation of BMI indicators

Above, for example, we figured out how to calculate the mass index bodies and got the number 26.14 – so what does it mean?

If you calculated BMI and the table says you have obesity, then you should not blindly believe her. For example, you go in for sports and you have developed muscles, your BMI will be overestimated.

It is also worth noting that body mass index does not take into account gender and age, which are very important indicators. So it turns out that 40% of the Russian population after 30 years old are obese, which of course is not true. Indeed, for each age and gender there are norms of weight and percentage of subcutaneous fat.

There is no point in calculating BMI for those who are involved in sports, hard physical labor and have problems with metabolism. These categories of people will not have accurate data.

How to measure body fat percentage?

рассчитать процент жира

Now that’s more interesting. Fat percentage should be known to everyone who diets or plays sports. It is by the percentage of subcutaneous fat that you can track your progress. Often it happens: “you seem to lose weight, but the fat does not go away.” It is possible that it is not the fat layer that is burned, but the muscles. This means that you are doing something wrong.

caliperometry will help us to measure subcutaneous fat. There is nothing terrible or painful behind this terrible word. It’s just a way to measure body fat using a simple device called a caliper . It is sold in any sports store and costs 200 rubles. However, if it is not available, then the usual line will do.

You need to measure body fat in 4 places: abdomen (to the right of the navel), arm triceps, arm biceps and on the back under the shoulder blade. As a result, you will have 4 numbers (millimeters) that you need to add. Next, we compare the resulting amount with the table and find out our percentage of fat:

индекс массы тела, ИМТ


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