Any person who plays sports in the gym or at home at least once had a question in his head – do you need a rug? It is clear that they are in gyms and they can be freely used, but a personal rug is much better, since it is a subject of personal hygiene. At home, you can use alternative options. But what to do if, when visiting a store, the gaze involuntarily falls on this item?

Before you buy a rug, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with its varieties. This is not to say that a yoga mat is fundamentally different from a gymnastic mat. The question is in thickness and size. However, if you already have one of the options, and you don’t want to spend money on another one, you can study on the existing one.

Now more about what kind of rugs are.

For yoga

495 They are also called mates. These are large enough rugs, the size of a person’s height. Their length can range from 170 to 200 centimeters. The object is 6 millimeters thick. The equipment intended for yoga should have an anti-slip surface, since the safety of a person during classes directly depends on this.



Fitness mats are smaller than yoga mats. However, they are divided into long and short. Long ones can also be up to 200 centimeters, and short ones are usually limited to 140 centimeters. The thickness of such equipment is 1 centimeter. A good mat should do its main function – to soften movement, making exercise as comfortable as possible. The correct equipment does not cause the feeling of a “bare floor”, that is, there should be no pain when resting on the limbs.

For tourism


These rugs are definitely not suitable for sports. They do not provide sufficient anti-slip protection and can lead to various injuries. Such equipment is intended for hiking, where it plays the role of a sleeping place. The fact is that the bottom of the object is covered with foil, which does not allow cold air to pass through and keeps warm. Thus, you can not be afraid to freeze at night. Their length is 180 centimeters. Thickness 1 cm.

Now that everything is clear with the views, you can move on to the main criteria for choosing sports equipment.

What should you look for when buying?

  • It all depends on the type of activity. If a person performs abdominal exercises, crunches and other similar exercises that are performed lying on the floor, then the main quality that the equipment should have is surface softening. On such a rug, it should be comfortable to perform any exercise that requires support on hands, knees, and so on. If you feel pain or discomfort at the same time, then such a purchase is simply useless.
  • When choosing yoga equipment, you need to pay attention to the anti-slip effect. Mats for this type of activity are more expensive than simple ones for fitness. The point is that a yoga mat should be made of natural material. In addition to good adhesion, it should dry quickly so that the wet surface does not distract from the exercise during exercise. In addition, the correct inventory should be longer than human height.

These were the main criteria for choosing a rug. As you can see from the article, the inventory is different and its purpose is also different. Of course, if necessary, the mats can replace each other, but real comfort can be felt only if you practice with the right version.

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