Joe Weider: “I invented bodybuilding”

If Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilding legend, then Joe Weider is the father of the sport. This guy reinvented bodybuilding and turned it into a billion dollar industry. It was Wyder who created the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding), the Mr. Olympia tournament, the Muscle & Fitness magazine and was one of the first to present his brand of sports nutrition “Joe Weider” to the world. All this would not have been possible if young Joe, back in 1933, had not got his face filled))). In general, now I’ll tell you everything)))

How Joe Weider invented bodybuilding

Joe Weider was born in Poland in 1919, but very soon his family moved to Canada. Joe was a rather weak, frail and sickly child. For his unusual appearance, Jewish origin and lisp, the guy was constantly bullied in the yard, and in 1933 the conflict with the yard boys reached a fight. Then little Joe got a lot: they knocked out a couple of teeth and even broke his rib. On that day, the guy made a promise to himself that he got it in the face for the last time in his life …

Джо Уйдер в молодости

Around this time, Joe starts his training. At that time, he was 12 years old and he just lifted weights, not thinking about progress. One fine day, a newspaper falls into his hands, where one strong man talked about the principles of body training. After reading the article, Wider realized his mistakes and, having built a homemade barbell, began training. By the way, Joe’s very first barbell consisted of car wheels and a locomotive axle.

Sports magazines and bodybuilding federation

Very soon, Wider’s body changed: he became stronger and healthier, and those guys who bullied him now bypassed him. The result was amazing and everyone around was wondering how Wyder got like this. After a bit of answering monotonous questions, Joe decided to publish a training manual, where he described all the basic principles of his training.

The brochure is titled “Your Physique”. Subsequently, this work became the first issue of the famous sports magazine, which today is called Muscle & Fitness. Yes, yes, Wider was at the origin of this magazine. Later he founded Weider Publications, which has given the world such sports magazines as Flex, Shape, Muscle Power, Prime Health and Fitness and etc.

After a while, Joe publishes the book “The Wyder System of Building the Body”, which becomes a tabletop for many generations of bodybuilders.

After the war in 1946, Joe, together with his brother Ben, organized the world’s first International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB). For several years, Joe and Ben have been promoting bodybuilding: they open gyms, distributing literature, giving radio interviews, etc.

“Mr. Olympia”

In 1965, Joe organizes the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding tournament. This was not the first bodybuilding competition, but Wyder quickly made his tournament number one thanks to the high prize money. In addition, at other bodybuilding competitions, the winners did not have the opportunity to perform again, but at Olympia this could be done at least every year. Therefore, the demand for Olympia instantly grew due to the fact that athletes could earn every year.

Джо Уайдер и Арнольд Шварценеггер

In addition to promoting bodybuilding to the masses, he directly coached athletes. At various times such legends as Lee Haney, Franco Colombo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Louis Ferrigno, Frank Zane and many others trained with him.

In the late 1970s, bodybuilding became so popular that women were carried away by it in earnest. Then in 1981 the first Miss Olympia tournament was held, where the fair sex could enter. And believe me, there were real women on the stage that you would like to see next to you. In general, I wrote about what steroids do to women here.

Sports nutrition

So: I invented bodybuilding, popularized it, opened gyms, came up with tournaments – what now? !!! Exactly sports nutrition !!!!! The first sports food with the logo “Joe Weider” was released in the 1960s. It was a kind of prototype of modern protein bars, but disgusting and very expensive. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that sports nutrition began to make profit, when Weider Nutrition International introduced the world’s first fat burner for the first time. Today you can also buy a sports food under this brand, but in my opinion, it is unreasonably expensive.

“I came up with bodybuilding”

Joe Wyder passed away at 93 in 2013. Many now may be hesitant and say that the founder of the “body” was Evgeny Sandov …. This is partly true, but Sandov is more of a “pea jester” who simply swayed and accompanied the rich ladies at banquets. Nice, but no more. He did not write any methods and was not a popularizer of sports. But Joe Wyder created bodybuilding from scratch, he gave us everything: gym networks, legendary athletes, books, food, tournaments, etc. In other words, he invented a whole industry that is still working, for which I thank him so much.

When Joe and Ben Weider received awards in Israel in 2006 for their achievements, journalists asked Joe: What is your greatest achievement in life? The answer was simple and laconic: “I invented bodybuilding!”

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