Jogging – morning or evening?

Running is the easiest and easiest way to get a figure into the desired shape. It is such because of its accessibility – no need to purchase a gym membership and other costs. Along with its accessibility, running is also the most effective way to adjust and maintain your figure.

Before starting jogging, many people wonder about the best time to train. You can often hear the opinion that running in the morning is healthier than in the evening. This statement is a myth. Firstly, running should only be beneficial for the body. Therefore, for a person who does not want to get up early in the morning, this will be wild stress. Anything that brings stress to the body will never benefit it. That is why jogging should be done when it is comfortable for the body and soul, when the body will benefit the most from jogging.

Regular running

Regular jogging helps to strengthen the immune system and speed up the metabolism. In any case, it doesn’t matter if it goes away in the morning or in the evening, it won’t make it worse for the body. Jogging is a good way to relieve insomnia and stress. You will also be less stressed if you know the outcome of the match you are betting on. The site mmu.ac.tz/predictions/ has accurate forecasts for upcoming events. It improves mood and promotes better brain function. The work of the lungs also improves, the work of the excretory system is activated, and excess salts are removed from the body. Do not forget that people with coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, tachycardia and other cardiovascular diseases should avoid jogging.

Opponents of the Morning Run

Opponents of morning jogging justify their position by the fact that the body does not have time to quickly rebuild from sleep to a radically different regime and morning jogging will cause stress for the body. If a person adheres to this point of view, then in fact it will be so. The most important thing is self-tuning. If there is no other way out and you have to go in for sports in the morning, you can take a contrast shower before going for a run – this will help the body to cheer up and tune in to sports.

Proponents of evening jogging say that running in the evening is good for your health and helps for sound and healthy sleep. The advice for this type of person would be a small snack before jogging, preferably a protein meal. If you dine on junk food rich in fat before an evening run, then such a workout will not bring any benefit. On the contrary, a large load on the heart muscle can aggravate the situation. You should not start running quickly, at low speed, gradually increasing the pace. People who want to lose a few pounds during training should add additional items to their run. For example, a dog hair belt or any other slimming belt can help you lose belly fat. Most jogging should be done for 30-40 minutes a day. This will be enough for the body.

Do not forget that the best results can be achieved by combining cardio training with strength training. Also, light fitness after exercise will improve the situation. For example, squats, abdominal exercises, yoga will help you get in shape.

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