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Kai Greene: the eternal outsider and idol of millions

You know, there is such a bodybuilder – Phil Heath, he became “Mr. Olympia” 7 times, but he is still not as interesting to the public as Kai Green. In 2019, Heath missed Olympia and was not particularly missed. But you should know who they have been wanting to see at this competition for many years – Kai Green. Do you know why? Because each of his performances was a real show, to which the audience ran, every word was caught by journalists, and photographers fought at the stage to capture his performances.

Кай Грин

The last Olympia where Kai Greene competed was in 2014, where he, as usual, took second place, behind Phil Heath. The audience was at a loss and even wanted to let the “judge on the soap” for such an unfair refereeing … ..

It’s always like this: Green was adored by the audience, but the judges deprived him of attention. (I’ll explain why below). Despite the fact that Green has never won at Olympia, he is still the most recognizable bodybuilder of our time today.

Kai Greene from Brooklyn

Kai Greene was born on July 12, 1975 in Brooklyn – the most criminal district of New York. In addition, the guy had such a family: his father was drinking wildly, and his mother did not appear at home for weeks. As a result, at the age of six, the guardianship authorities took Kai under their wing. Over the next 10 years, he changed several adoptive parents and to distract himself from this madness began to “pull iron”. As a child, Kai dreamed of becoming an artist or an actor, and all this awaited him in the future, but bodybuilding first….

In the 7th grade, an English teacher who was also fond of “iron” drew attention to the well-built Green and advised him not only to “pull iron”, but to do bodybuilding. The guy listened to the “teacher” and began to actively train. As a result, Kai Green spent almost all his school years traveling to bodybuilding competitions, where he always became a prize-winner.

Кай Грин в молодости

After school, Green decided to take it to the next level and go to a scene in a “new body”. So at the age of 19, Green receives professional status in his federation. Then he had not yet taken steroids, but he was well aware that without them it is impossible to become an IFBB professional. In 1999, Kai somehow got to the World Bodybuilding Championship in Slovakia, but took only 4th place there. The pro-card slips right out of his hands. Green takes a break for 5 years and goes headlong into training ….

In 2004, Green accidentally learns that it is now possible to qualify as a professional at the NPC Team Universe competition. After a five-year hiatus, Green goes to them to compete and, by unanimous decision of the judges, become heavyweight champions and the owner of the IFBB pro status. It took him 16 years to achieve this goal.

Kai Greene VS Phil Heath

Kai Greene’s professional career lasted from 2005 to 2016. During this time he took part in a whole bunch of prestigious competitions and won many places, but we are interested in “Mr. Olympia”.

Green had 6 Olympias in his career (from 2009 to 2014) and almost every time, despite his excellent form and skillful posing, he lost to Phil Heath, who looked much more boring. Kai Greene took second place and was a little short of the favorite in terms of points.

Кай Грин и Фил Хит

As a result, it turned out that some members of the jury deliberately promoted Hit to the podium. Then there was a serious scandal, the judges were replaced, but since 2014, Green has no longer appeared at Olympia. In 2016, he won a landslide victory at the Arnold Classic and announced a retirement from his bodybuilding career. Some people believe that Kai Green left defeated, but millions of his fans around the world will definitely disagree with this statement. Green will always be interesting to the public because he is a very shocking fellow.

Green is already showing himself in full in other areas. For example, since 2011 he has been painting and is exhibited annually in the best galleries in the world. Since 2015, Green has been acting in films, at the moment he starred in the TV series “Stranger Things” and the Chinese action movie “Mad Fist”, which is preparing for a wide release.

For many people, including me, Kai Greene serves as an example that despite all life’s difficulties, you can always stay on top and make people play by your rules. I admit that sometimes I revise his performances and understand that in modern bodybuilding there are no such interesting athletes anymore … ..

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