Morning exercises for children at home

Morning exercises for children are practically the same as for adults. However, it is not always possible to introduce your child to a sports lifestyle. In this article you will learn how to do it simply and quickly, and I will also share with you a set of exercises that have been known in our country since the times of the USSR

Exercise for children and “life hacks” for parents

зарядка для детей

Notes for parents

  1. You need to understand that exercise is not strength training. Exercise helps us to “charge” our body with energy, wake it up after sleep and tone it up. These are the main goals of any morning exercise;
  2. Children can be very different, but they necessarily copy the behavior of their parents, so you need to do exercises with your child;
  3. You shouldn’t try to make an Olympic champion out of your child, later he will decide for himself whether he is interested in sports or not. Your task is to instill in your child a culture of a healthy lifestyle, the basis of which is morning exercises. It makes no sense to tire your child with grueling workouts, otherwise you will discourage him from all desire to play sports. Therefore, morning exercises for children should not last more than 10-15 minutes;
  4. Be sure to change the exercises so that children at least several times a week see something new in their workout … Otherwise, both you and your child will get tired of morning exercises very quickly;
  5. Most importantly !! Your child should perceive morning exercises as the usual morning ritual, along with brushing your teeth or washing your face. Therefore, you need to start training from early childhood.

Exercise for children

Below I will give the simplest set of exercises that migrated to us from the times of the USSR. It is very easy to implement and suitable for children of all ages.

заряда для детей
  1. Walking in place with a high rise of the knees. “Walking” in this way is recommended for at least a minute;
  2. Neck warming up . Hands on the belt, we begin to stretch the neck: left, right, forward, backward and again…. Do the exercise for at least 30 seconds;
  3. Puffs” . I don’t remember the correct name for this exercise, but its essence lies in stretching the muscles of the back. You need to raise one hand and start reaching up, then you need to raise the other hand and do the same. Next, you need to raise two hands up, fastening them in a lock and also start reaching up;
  4. Turning the body. “ Hands on the sides” and start turning the body, left, right, left, right. Great exercise for strengthening your lower back. You need to do it for at least a minute;
  5. Turning the body tilted. Hands to the sides, tilt the body forward and start turning the body, thus so that the right arm reaches the left leg, and the left arm reaches the right leg. We do the exercise for 40-60 seconds;
  6. Bends. Great exercise for developing flexibility. These inclinations must be performed on straight legs. First we bend to the left, then to the right, etc. Doing the exercise 40-60 seconds.

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