Самые сильные люди

The most powerful people in the history of the 20th century

Today you will learn about the most powerful people of the 20th century, who, without pharmacology and modern training programs, were able to set unimaginable strength records.

I do not exclude that there could be people and stronger, but the power records of today’s heroes are somehow documented.

The most powerful people of the XX century

Joe Rollino

самые сильные люди

Born in 1905. This man was not just a strong man, but the oldest strong man on the planet. Even at the age of 104, he could bend a coin with two fingers.

Joe did not differ in special natural data, with a height of 165 cm he weighed only 67 kg, but his strength was simply inhuman. He was engaged in boxing and never lost a single fight, and in 1920 Rollino managed to lift the weight of 1454 kg.

After WWII, Joe continued to break power records … For example, he lifted 215 kg with his teeth, and could lift 290 kg with one finger. From the age of 20, Joe Rollino never ate meat, he did not have bad habits and he ate right for the rest of his life. Sadly, Joe died in 2010 in a car accident. He did not live to see his 105th birthday for just a month.

Alexander Ivanovich Zass

Alexander was a circus performer, his stage name “Amazing Samson”. He was born in 1888 on the territory of modern Lithuania. Alexander Ivanovich, like Joe Rollino, could not boast of impressive physical data (height: 167 cm, weight: 75 kg.).

They started talking about Alexander during the First World War. He served in the 180th Vindavsky regiment and once carried out his wounded horse from the battlefield. Alexander carried the animal on his shoulders.

After this incident he was invited to perform at the circus. Zass quickly agreed and began to amaze the audience with unimaginable tricks: he wore a piano with two girls and the same horse; he could catch a cannonball weighing 90 kg, which was fired at him from a cannon from a distance of only 8 meters; bend the horseshoe, etc. Once a truck drove through Alexander’s performance, but don’t worry – the car was not injured.

Alexander Ivanovich was a very smart and well-mannered person who knew several languages ​​and loved animals very much. Alexander died in London in 1962 at the age of 74. You can read about his unusual fate and superhuman strength in his autobiography: “Amazing Samson. Narrated by him ”

Yakub Avraamovich Chekhovskoy

Самые сильные люди

This man-phenomenon was born in 1879 on the territory of modern Belarus in the city of Grodno. Already at the age of 14, the guy entertained his classmates by putting an iron beam on his shoulders, which the other guys clung to, and Yakuba circled them like on a carousel. However, fame came to him when he won 300 gold at the local circus. In just three minutes Yakuba put Yakub on the shoulder blades of a professional wrestler. From that moment the guy started his circus career.

Unfortunately, not all of Yakuba’s records have been documented, but some have been confirmed. For example, he held a platform with 30 musicians on his chest, held 10 people in the “bridge” position and caught pound weights with his chest. Soon Yakuba received the golden belt of the Athletic Society for carrying 6 people across the circus arena with one hand !!! In 1937 he stopped performing in the circus, and in 1941 the man-phenomenon died in St. Petersburg.

I don’t know about you, but these stories impressed me and even motivated me)))) I decided to write an article “The most powerful people of the XX century”, as I wanted to tell you that you can become a strong man without pharmacology. Of course, these people had amazing genetics, but do not forget that they trained disciplined, ate right and had no bad habits. All this is the “secret” of their “superpower”!

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