The right clothes for fitness

If you seriously decide to visit the gym, you need to take care of acquiring a comfortable sports uniform. Of course, clothes should be liked, but other requirements are imposed on them – comfort, safety, convenience. Clothing should cover the body to avoid abrasions, abrasions, calluses.

Material for sportswear

The fabric should allow air to pass through, not impede moisture evaporation. It must be durable, withstand frequent washing. One hundred percent

Cotton and linen are breathable, but they get very wet with sweat, dry for a long time, quickly lose their original appearance. A fabric with the addition of synthetic fibers is required – polyamide, elastane, polyester. Clothes made from this fabric do not stick to the body, do not stretch, and withstand multiple washes. Clothing made entirely of high-quality synthetics is acceptable, but purchase products from trusted reputable companies.

Lingerie selection

Incorrectly selected underwear can ruin any activity. Every woman, even with small breasts, needs to purchase a sports bra. A casual bra equipped with lace, ribbons, and underwires will interfere during exercise, rub the skin, squeeze the chest.

Sports bras are categorized by support:

  1. for light lessons;
  2. moderate loads;
  3. intense training.

Performing many exercises causes chest vibrations that can cause stretch marks on the delicate skin of the bust and ruin its shape. Girls with small breasts can purchase a cupless top that tightens the breasts. Cup tops are preferred for women with curvy breasts. Fitness briefs or shorts should be made of breathable, breathable materials. The panties should not have seams around the hips of the elastic.



The main requirement for sports pants is comfort.

When choosing trousers, pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Pants must have a high waist. They fall off less, fit better, there is no need to constantly correct them.
  2. There should not be elastic bands in the belt that twist, bend, distract from training during exercise. The best option is a wide two-layer elastic waistband.
  3. The most comfortable style is tight leggings. Wide trousers are lifted up and can get caught on any exercise machine.


A jersey or a T-shirt for training must be purchased at a specialized sports store. An ordinary jersey T-shirt gets wet quickly, traces of sweat are visible on it, and this does not decorate the girl at all. You can practice in a sleeveless T-shirt.
Be sure to purchase clothes strictly in size. Sportswear stretches, but in no case should it press. Otherwise, during exercise it will be difficult for you to breathe, it hurts to bend over, and it is uncomfortable to squat. Clothes should stretch well, have strong seams, preferably mesh inserts for better ventilation. Convenience, beauty, modern style of a tracksuit will be an additional guarantee that you will not deviate from your intended goal.

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