Useless and dangerous gym exercises

Strength training is certainly good for your health, unless of course you use “dangerous exercises” that will lead you to injury faster than to have a positive effect. These are not some of the techniques that professional athletes use, no, these are the simplest exercises that ordinary visitors to fitness centers perform.

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Dangerous exercises that you shouldn’t do

Smith’s simulator

I must say right away that this simulator is suitable for experienced athletes, but it is contraindicated for beginners. It is better not to do any exercises in it, including presses, squats and lunges due to the fixed trajectory of movement that this simulator provides.

All exercises in the gym should be physiological – conditioned, and movements in one plane are unnatural for people because fewer muscles and joints are involved.

Опасные упражнения

For example, during squats in Smith, only knee joints and tendons work , while the hip and ankle joints are practically not involved. Also, stabilizing muscles practically do not work. This uneven load distribution results in abnormal muscle development, decreased training progress, and increased stress on certain joints and tendons. All this can lead to their premature wear and injury.

It is much more useful to do squats, deadlifts and bench presses with a regular barbell. In the case of these exercises, weight and load are evenly distributed over all joints and muscles, which contributes to faster progress in training and a decrease in injury risk.

Smith’s machine is still intended for isolation exercises and is more suitable for experienced athletes, but certainly not for beginners.

Row of the bar to the chin with a narrow grip

In my articles I myself recommended this exercise, but unfortunately I forgot to clarify that you need to take the bar with a wide grip, for which I apologize from their readers.

Опасные упражнения

If you pull the barbell to the chin with a narrow grip, you can injure the shoulder joint or hands. This may be due to an unnatural (“breaking”) bend in the above joints during these exercises. We remember that all movements in exercises should be natural. In life, you are unlikely to lift something to your chin in this way.

Also, during this exercise, the elbows rise above the shoulders, so the main load is no longer on the deltas, but on the trapezoid. It turns out that this exercise is not only dangerous but also useless. It is better to hold the barbell wider, keep your elbows below your shoulders and tilt your body forward a little.

Bench press with a narrow grip

Here I will share my personal experience with you. As a teenager, I loved the narrow grip bench press and put my hands as close to each other as possible. This is how I tried to train my triceps effectively.

While the bar was light, everything went well, but as the weights grew I noticed that after training, my hands began to hurt a lot. Fortunately, I was smart enough to stop doing this exercise and after a week the pain was gone. As it turned out later, the same “breaking” load on the joints of the hands was to blame.


Friends, after reading this article, you can say that you have been doing one of these exercises for many years and everything is fine. If this is the case, then you are very lucky because your joints are highly flexible. However, not everyone was so rewarded by nature, just for such people I am writing this article. And I recommend experimenting with exercises only for experienced athletes, for beginners, for the first 6 months of training, they need to focus only on “basic exercises” and monitor nutrition.

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