What are the main directions in fitness?

Today, leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining proper nutrition is not only beneficial for the body, but also fashionable. That is why new methods of losing weight are being developed and different, new types of fitness are being introduced.

At this stage, the most popular of all types are:


In this type of fitness, the main areas are: running, walking, jumping and flexibility exercises. This type includes a huge number of varieties, for example, basic aerobics (there are no additional equipment), step aerobics (classes using a step platform), sports aerobics, fitball aerobics (using fitball) and others.

With regular exercise, the muscular frame, endurance develops, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems improve. Also, this type of fitness is perfect for people with overweight or pathologies of posture.

Water aerobics

This is a kind of aerobics, the difference is that classes are held in water. This type of fitness burns calories perfectly and is suitable for absolutely everyone, especially pregnant women.

The difference is that weight is not felt in the water, such classes are held exclusively in the pool and people with excess weight are recommended to start with this type of activity, since the ligaments and muscles will not be damaged due to being in the water, but weight loss, in turn, will be faster.


Shaping was invented relatively recently, and was originally aimed at changing the flaws in the figure and getting a beautiful, relief body.
Shaping classes are divided into two effects:
Anabolic-strength exercises, with the aim of gaining muscle mass;
Catabolic-fat burning.
Exercises are selected individually, depending on the desired result. Usually, the workout of exercises occurs through more repetitions, additional load is added for the anabolic effect. Repetitions are done until physical fatigue sets in. You also need to monitor your breathing.


Crossfit is focused on developing balance and strengthening the muscle corset.
The essence of the exercises is the high intensity of the movements performed and their frequent changes.
Each exercise is performed at an intense pace, which in turn develops well endurance. The downside is that not everyone can engage in this type of fitness, for example, contraindications include cardiac arrhythmia, varicose veins, oncology, and even after suffering an acute respiratory viral infection, it is impossible to immediately start classes, therefore, before choosing this direction of fitness, you must definitely consult with a doctor and then with a trainer.


Pilates is suitable for any type of physical training, it aims to strengthen all types of muscles. If you practice regularly, in a fairly short time, you can achieve excellent results, strengthen your posture, tighten your abdominal muscles, and also stimulate metabolism.
Pilates is good because it has no contraindications and you can do it at any age. Also, exercises will perfectly help pregnant women, and only those who have given birth, there are certain exercises in it that will help to easily give birth, and then quickly get back into shape.


This is a kind of gymnastics in which the basics are focused on stretching and static exercises, the peculiarity is that the exercises are designed in such a way that all muscle groups are involved.
As a result of the use of static loads, not only the muscles of the whole body are strengthened, but also metabolism is perfectly activated, and as a result, fat is broken down. An hour of doing this type of workout burns more calories than, for example, aerobics in 3 or more hours.


Yoga is not just fitness, spiritual and mental is added to physical activity.
Exercises are focused on the development of elasticity and endurance. Yoga combines many areas, for example: hakhta yoga, bhakti yoga, etc., each variety has its own characteristics and each gives its own result.


In another way, this type can be called stretching. It includes various techniques focused on muscle stretching. Subsequently, flexibility allows you to maintain correct posture, prevents back pain. Stretching is usually used in addition to the main fitness activity, but it can also be used in the main one.


The main criterion is breathing. Bodyflex is focused on strengthening and stretching muscles using breathing techniques.
All exercises are divided into several types:
1. Isometric (effort of one muscle group);
2. Isotonic (simultaneous effort of several muscle groups);
3. Stretching (aimed at relaxing the muscles).
In one workout, usually two groups are used at once, for example isometric and stretching. With the help of breathing in this set of exercises, you can achieve good results, and not only tighten the body, but also optimize metabolism, and as a result, lose extra pounds in a short time.
Types of strength training:



Powerlifting is an exercise with large weights. Competitions of this type are focused on who will be able to lift the weight more, while taking into account such features as: height, weight, etc. Usually for competitions such exercises are used as:
1. Bench Press
2. Barbell Squat
3. Rod rod (dead rod)
In competitions, the winner is determined by summing all three results, if there are several winners, the winner is the one whose own weight is less.
Not everyone can do this type of strength fitness, but contrary to popular belief, girls can also do powerlifting. When exercising, not only weight is lost with lightning speed, but also muscles grow. Usually this type of fitness is practiced only professionally.


Bodybuilding is about building the body. Training is aimed solely at giving the body relief and grace. Exercises are very different, from cardio to strength, the main thing is that they are performed in combination and lead to a result, and the result in this type of fitness is only one – a beautiful body.
Competitions are aimed at assessing the relief, all features are also taken into account, such as the percentage of body fat, height, weight, girth of each part of the body.
Both men and women can participate in competitions.

Fitness is a vast concept, it is almost impossible to consider each of its types, because every day new types appear, new features are introduced into old types. But the main ones remain classics forever and rarely change. After considering all the abundance of types of fitness, you can surely decide what is right for you.

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