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Women’s bodybuilding now and in the 1980s

Yes, I know that most of the visitors to this site hate female bodybuilding. Friends, you are not alone in your opinion. So in 2015, the organizers of the “Mr. Olympia” bodybuilding tournament decided to remove the category of “female bodybuilding”. The owners of Olympia made such a decision because the guests of the tournament simply did not want to look at the pumped up women and during the women’s posing the hall was always half empty. In other words, everyone around them realized that women’s bodybuilding had lost its popularity.

In 2019, everything changed. The organizers of the tournament have decided to return the women’s bodybuilding category in 2020. No, no one missed this discipline. Just a tolerant minority demanded equalizing the rights of sports women and reviving the Miss Olympia category. In modern America it is quite normal when the minority decides for the majority.

The organizers of the tournament agreed to return the category, but with one condition: new criteria will be created for women that will allow them to perform with a high percentage of fat. This is necessary to make women on stage look less dry and therefore more feminine.

The idea is great and it was definitely invented by a person who remembers what female bodybuilding looked like in 1980. In those days, women’s bodybuilding was very popular, and bodybuilders were gathering admiring glances from men. Don’t believe me? Then I suggest that you compare modern women’s bodybuilding with what it was 40 years ago.

Women’s bodybuilding then and now

Iris Kyle vs Rachel McLeish

On the left, Iris Kyle is a living legend of female bodybuilding. Just think, she has 10 Miss Olympia titles, even Ronnie doesn’t have that many. She dominated from 2004 to 2014. and would have dominated further if the category had not been canceled in 2015

On the right you can see the incredible Rachel McLeish, she was “Miss Olympia” in 1980 and in 1982. This woman was featured in People magazine in 1983 as one of the most beautiful living women.

Kim Chizhevski vs Kaik Elomaa

женский бодибилдинг

С 1996 to 1999 Kim Chizhevski (left) held the Miss Olympia title. She is even today considered one of the biggest women in bodybuilding history. On the right, you can see Kaik Elomaa – a miniature beauty, who in 1981 weighs 53 kg. became the owner of the title “Miss Olympia”. After bodybuilding, she continued to work as a model and for some time hosted an author’s program on American TV.

Natalia Kuznetsova vs Corey Everson

Today our compatriot Natalya Kuznetsova (left) is a top Russian bodybuilder. She is one of the few in our country who can compete for the title of “Miss Olympia” 2020. At the moment, Natasha has a form that will help her perform at this tournament.

Corey Everson (right) held the Miss Olympia title from 1984 to 1989. Her form was considered a reference and even after the end of her career, she worked as a model for another 10 years and even acted in films.

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